What is U.S. Sport Aviation Expo?

This event, with its focus on Sport Aircraft and the Sport Pilot Certificate, continues to grow in importance and in attendance with a great group of exhibitors/sponsors, media, and concessionaires. These associates travel to Sebring from nearly forty states and several foreign countries. Attendees come to Sebring to see, try, fly and, in some cases, buy a new plane and all the necessary gear for both plane and pilot. Exhibitors include dealers, manufacturers, and engineers of aircraft, avionics, electronics, and pilot supplies in addition to training systems, aircraft insurance, and financial institutions. LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) include Fixed-Wing Airplanes, Trikes, Powered Parachutes, Gliders, and Gyroplanes as well as Floatplanes and Amphibians. Approved by the FAA in July, 2004, the FAA determined characteristics for LSA are:

A maximum of two occupants, a maximum take-off weight of 1,320 pounds
(seaplanes 1,430 pounds); a 45-knot clean stall speed; a 120-knot top speed at
maximum continuous power; a single, non-turbine engine; and fixed landing
gear (amphibious floatplanes can have “repositionable” gear).

The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo has outside and inside displays in addition to food concessionaires. Special events including an exhibitor/sponsor reception, aircraft auction, food & wine tastings, seaplane base, twilight air shows,an aircraft auction and a volunteer recognition dinner are scheduled for Expo 2013. Look for more events to be announced as they are arranged.

This is an exhibitor, visitor, and press friendly event.   Pets are not permitted on the Expo grounds except for Service Dogs.