It’s TIME To Get YOUR News To The Aviation World’s Most Comprehensive Real-Time Aviation News Service, The Aero-News Network.

The 2013 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo is nearly upon us, and, if history is any indicator, it’s likely those of you in the LSA biz may (or should) have some news/announcements to make.

The Aero-News Network is going to be webcasting live from the grounds of the 2013 USSAE with the industry’s most aggressive roster of LIVE Online News, as well as Audio and Video programming, in the business. An expert assemblage of ANN’s top journalists, including ANN Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, have been assigned to generate dozens of stories about the event, and to work on many more for future distribution to the hundreds of thousands of people (all over the world) who read, view or listen to ANN every day, as well as the many International syndication partners they work with. In order to facilitate timely coverage of this pivotal event, ANN staffers will be available throughout all staffed hours of the event. They welcome your inquiries to discuss editorial possibilities.

This year, ANN is pleased to announce that they will be working, in syndication/partnership with a number of the most respected names in aviation journalism to make sure that ANN’s expert coverage not only gets to everyone of importance in aviation… but far beyond. ANN is taking these steps in order to bring critical, informative aviation programming to the widest and most valuable audiences imaginable. Additionally; ANN and Aero-TV are expanding their “Airborne LIVE” news programs to include live coverage of the USSAE2013, hosted by ANN’s Ashley Hale and supported by ANN’s expert editorial team.

As if that wasn’t enough, ANN is launching the next SportPlane Resource Guide (the NEW MASSIVE Third Edition) from Sebring this year and will be unveiling details about this pivotal, extraordinary aviation resource.

The sooner ANN gets your info, the more they can do with it, and the more likely it is that you’ll find yourself featured in a future ANN newscast, Audio Aero-Cast or Aero-TV Webcast. Submissions are best sent via email to Please contact Jim Campbell, directly at The main office number is 863-299-8680. Jim’s cell number is 863-860-5790, when away from the office.