AvBid Aircraft AuctionsAvBid Aircraft Auctions has teamed up with Expo again for another live
aircraft auction on Saturday, January 19 at 11 a.m. on the ramp of the Sebring Regional Airport.

This year, the auction will be absolute, in other words— no reserves. So, everything will sell.

AvBid Aircraft Auctions is looking for aircraft to sell at Expo.
If you are interested, please contact Don Stephens by email dksair@gmail.com or phone 863 648 9028.

AvBid, the nation’s largest onsite aircraft auction service, will offer a variety of aircraft, including light-sport, experimental amateur-built, and certificated aircraft for sale, possibly including weight-shift trikes, powered parachutes, and aircraft kits. “We have room for as many aircraft as people are interested in selling,” said Don Stephens, president of AvBid, “and we’ll take anything that flies or is remotely close to flying.”  In addition to aircraft, the auction will include a variety of aviation memorabilia, including a Sam Lyons aviation print.

This year’s auction will be an absolute auction; no reserves will be placed on any aircraft. All owners must be willing to sell the aircraft for the highest price bid. The auction will be a roving auction, with the auctioneer, portable sound system, and audience moving from aircraft to aircraft.

Potential bidders will have an opportunity to inspect the aircraft prior to the auction, and all aircraft will have their logbooks available for viewing. AvBid uses a quick closing process that allows buyers to
accept delivery of their aircraft in as little as 24 hours.

Consignments are already being accepted for the AvBid Aircraft Auction. For more information contact AvBid Aircraft Auctions at 863-648-9028 or visit http://AvBid.com