Covid’s Effect on Sport

Pirate Pete

An outbreak of the avian coronavirus called CNV-19 has recently been discovered in the United States and Canada. It has not yet been determined how the virus entered the country, but it was quite recently in contact with humans. While it is unclear as to how CNV-19 will affect the human population, the risk to humans is great. This is because the virus is very contagious and has not been isolated and tested in any laboratory or clinical setting. This is why sport lockouts are important.

After a person contracted the virus, they should see their family health provider for treatment. The care provider will discuss treatment options of care, before recommending the patient needs to take part in a sports lockdown. During a lockdown, the patient is confined to the room they are staying in until they have recovered fully. A support staff person will be available to the patient at all times and to help them in any way possible.

Patients that are going to be involved in contact sports should know that they are at an increased risk of contracting the virus and should be very cautious of their movements during this time. The reason for this is that they are not allowed to participate in any contact sports during the outbreak. If a patient does decide to participate in a contact sport, they need to make sure they get the proper training. A combination of hands-on training and instruction can help a patient recover from the virus more quickly. Proper medical treatment is always best, but the health of the patient is also of the utmost importance.