Published on Sep 20, 2013
Apollo LSA - – Dan Johnson gives us a quick look at the CTSW, light sport aircraft from Flight Design USA during the E.A.A. Sport Aviation Convention at Lakeland Florida.

Flight Design USA is the importer of CT, the top selling Light-Sport Aircraft. CT is a 98% carbon fiber design with superb performance, a roomy cockpit, great useful load, and a parachute as standard equipment.

One of the first Light-Sport Aircraft to win approval, CT quickly moved well ahead as the most popular model in the USA. Over 1,800 of this 17-year-old, well-evolved design are flying worldwide. Born of aeronautical genius, CT has a unique shape (with a “safety cell” cabin) and smooth exterior finish that allows it to hit the LSA speed limit of 120 knots. Yet CT — now in its current CTLSi configuration — can also cruise with 75% power at a respectable 112 knots (129 mph) while sipping fuel from its large 34 gallon fuel tanks that allow a non-stop flight over 1,000 miles.