When seeking Light-Sport Aircraft information — news, videos, full-length flight reviews, lists of who’s who and more — ByDanJohnson.com is the place to go.

This LSA-centric website keeps up with all the newest aircraft introduced to the marketplace, has a resource guide (the FIRM List) to help you find flight instruction, rentals, and maintenance for LSA, a steady stream of articles richly illustrated with photos, and a library of more than 200 videos about Light-Sport Aircraft, plus a fun and helpful feature called Plane Finder 2.0.

ByDanJohnson.com is proud to assist and support the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. “We’ve covered every event since the beginning and we’ll continue that coverage,” reported Dan. “You ought to attend the Sebring Expo, but if you cannot, we’ll be present to bring you news and videos.”