Exhibitors had great things to say about this years Expo

And, this from Richard Rofé, “The show went smoothly… liked having my space all set up for me in advance of arrival and liked my location.”

UL Power and Zenith Aircraft
Explained Robert Helms, “We were able to use the show to build new relationships with Kitfox and Just Aircraft to supply our engine.”
Said Roger Dubbert, Customer Service with Zenith, “We will sell 6-10 planes just from the show”

Aerotrek Aircraft
Rob Rollison took time out on Sunday to share this with us, “We sold two planes…
Combination of the upsurge in LSA market, and good weather was a a huge advantage.
We’ve been doing this show for 8 years… No racetrack noise this year was a plus.”
JD Kinsley: “General impression—much better than last year.”

Kathy Davis enthused, “We sold one plane and got two or three solid leads.
Friday and Saturday… a lot more people than last year.”

Mark Bauerlein, Sales Director
Said Mark, “This was a very strong show for us… We think at least four people will buy. The strongest day for us was Thursday—serious buyers”

American Legend Aircraft Company
Dave Graham took a moment to share this with us, “I have four leads in the works that I think will result in sales in the next three months.”

Air Orlando
Said Mike Long, “I have a few leads that will result in sales in the next two-three weeks… I am committed to 2013. Thursday was my strongest day.”

US Sport Aircraft
We stopped by to visit Don Ayers who stated, “We did very well at this show.
I like working with Expo more than any other show… it’s important to keep the venders happy, Expo does this.”

Hansen Air Group
Mike Hansen told us, “Just about everyone that walked in stopped by the Comet. We gave three press demo rides and four interviews with the press…”

Infinity Power Parachutes
Alvie Wall, President proclaimed, “We sold one single seater… Brought a new model to the show. The exposure was what we were looking for and we felt we got that from Expo.”

Kitfox Aircraft LLC
John McBean stated, “On par with last year. We were really, really busy flying all the time.
The show was really good for us.”

Placid Wings Aviation, Aeroprakt America
The genial Terry Snee happily shared with us on Sunday,
“This was our first time at Expo. We had a blast… Very fun.
Most of the people who came to our booth wanted to know about our planes and understand them”

Randy Schlitter, President
“The show is one of my favorite shows. It’s productive, good traffic.”
“We always know we’ll make sales because of the show.”

Float Planes and Amphibs
David Garden
“Good turn out… Sold lessons… Glorious weather and everyone was in a good mood.”

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“Just want to thank you for taking care of my friends and me at the wine event during Sport Aviation Expo.  We really enjoyed it, and it made for a nice change of pace from the rest of the show. I hope it was all a great success for you and the airport, and look forward to the next time we meet.”
Best, Ravi