Look for U.S. Sport Aviation Expo’s video commercial on how to Do florida® YouTube Channel.

how to Do florida is much more than a TV show- it’s a moment to introduce the world to the real Florida. This award-winning series is the most action-packed 30 minutes of TV you’ll find! Each episode features two unique how-to features designed to educate and motivate viewers to venture outdoors and experience new and exciting activities in Florida.

Viewers not only learn how to Do florida, but also how to taste Florida. Each show features the “Florida Cooking” segment with Florida’s own culinary ambassador, Chef Justin Timineri.

how to Do florida is hosted by its creator, Chad Crawford, a third generation Floridian and award-winning cinematographer. Chad’s quest to teach viewers how to do Florida and present it in stunning High Definition is the driving force behind the show’s success.
“Florida is the star – I just try to stay out of the way,” says Chad about his role on the show.

The show continually directs viewers to their website, howtodoflorida.com. Here viewers can watch the show, access experts, search by region for events and activities, and learn about Florida. It’s the ultimate vacation planning site for both residents and visitors alike.

Top it all off with a dash of humor and a splash of unpredictable moments…and you’ve got one awesome TV series!

“This show breaks the mold of travel-oriented TV.”
- Andy Newman, PR Florida Keys

“Our model from day one was local content, national quality”
-Len DePanicis, how to Do florida® Executive Producer