Sam LS: Modern Retro LSA Takes Shape
Concept Unveiled at Sebring; Airplane to Show at Oshkosh

by Tim Kern

The Sam LS exhibit at the Sebring show gathered a lot of interest: here was a modern LSA design that looked like a WWII trainer, but promised modern economy, comfort, reliability, and repairability to match good air manners. A truly interesting design… but only a design. That is changing fast, as the conforming prototype takes place near Montréal, in Québec, Canada.

The semi-monocoque aluminum design with a 4130 steel protective cockpit cage, is a classic-looking tandem low-wing standard or tricycle gear monoplane that can accommodate two pilots, each 6’6” tall.
Single-pilot operations (from the front seat) take advantage of the glass cockpit with its 10’’ Dynon Skyview and back-up instruments; the ubiquitous 100hp Rotax 912S provides power through its industry-leading composite ground-adjustable Sensenich prop.

One of the versatile features of the design is its ability to carry any of three different outboard wing designs, so that individual owners can choose to optimize cross-country, short field, or high-lift characteristics. With any of the wing configurations, the Sam LS will meet LSA and the Canadian AULA standards.

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