Success Tips For Betting Online

Pirate Pete

Betting online is a very lucrative business. Many companies that run gambling websites smile all the way to the bank because they rake in huge profits consistently. Now, this does not mean that people who place bets always lose money to the betting sites. There is enough money in this business for the betting firms and the punters. In fact, there is so much money in the betting industry that sometimes, betting companies offer free bets to their loyal customers. Some sites also offer free bets to new customers to welcome them to the site.

Free bets for both old and new customers are available in different forms. Before discussing the topic of free bets, it is necessary to discuss the kinds of betting you can do online. In many instances, when people talk about betting, they do so in the context of sports betting. Now, this does not tell the whole story because you can bet on events which are not sports. You can bet on poker and casino and these are not sports. Some of the most popular sports for punters are soccer (which is called football in the UK), tennis, basketball, rugby, hockey, baseball, handball, cricket and golf. Other betting options are darts, snooker, water polo and badminton. Of course, some betting sites may not offer all these sports and games. Some sites may offer the ones which are popular in their areas of operation.

The process of joining an online betting site is quite simple. Once you have a computer and access to the internet, you can get started. Just log on to the website of the betting outfit and navigate to the page for new members. Be sure to give the right information so that you will not have any problem accessing your winnings. Usually, you are required to provide your name, your email address, your bank account and other relevant details. If you have a credit card, you can use it to fund your account. You can also get paid by credit card when you win.

As soon as you have joined the site, you will get your free bets. Depending on the site you have joined, you may get $50 or up to $100 in free bets. You cannot withdraw your free bet without placing bets. In a way, you can look at your free bet as “counterpart funding”. Let us assume that your free bet as a new member is $50. Let us also assume that you placed a $50 dollar bet at 1.5 odds. If you win, the betting firm pays you a total of $125. Your stake is $50, you won $25 and you got another $50 as free bets.

This is just one example of how you can get free bets from online betting firms. There are also free bets for specific sports. For instance, some sites in the UK offer free bets for some soccer matches. In cases like this, the amount is stated clearly and is added to your winnings when you win. There are also cases where you get free bets for placing many bets. If you use the accumulation technique, you are likely to get free bets. Sometimes, your free bets will take the form of a second chance. You place bets and you lose; you get an opportunity to place bets again for the same amount of money without funding your account.

As you can see, betting online is fun and it can be very profitable too. The trick is bet relatively small amounts of money at the start. As you get better, you can increase your stake and make more money.